How We Are Managing with Covid

The Covid pandemic has been extremely trying for residents and staff. The tolerance of residents and their families to Covid restrictions has been particularly appreciated.

Immense praise must go to Eileen and the staff who have taken so much trouble to minimise the Home’s exposure to the virus.

This has entailed following government guidelines to the letter and indeed, in the early stages of the pandemic, anticipating them.

For staff the use of the personal protective equipment (PPE) has made work very arduous (as you can see from the photograph). It has also made communication with our residents difficult.

There are no PPE shortages and deep cleaning schedules are now a part of everyday life.

We are extremely grateful to the understanding of all the residents, families and friends in supporting the strict isolation rules.

With the delta variant currently increasing we think that minimising entry to the home is still sensible and this is what we shall do whenever we see a positive test. 

All our residents have been vaccinated and are tested regularly but we do still require visitors to conduct testing and register the result before attending. Staff are tested on a weekly basis.

We had been  hoping for a return to some degree of normality as the winter progressed but the appearance of the Omicron variant has, necessarily, put this on hold.

January 2022

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