Programme of Events.

Job’s Close arranges numerous activities throughout the year for its residents.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, activities in their traditional format are currently suspended.

However, Debbie Powell our Activities Co-ordinator has been able to provide entertainment at the Home to residents in small groups of up to three. Events and activities arranged so far and those planned for the future include:

Regular bible reading
Weekly exercise class
You tube reminiscence – including our favourite songs
A virtual trip to the zoo
A virtual trip around the titanic
Wild presentations
Our favourite holidays around the world
V.E day celebrations

Whilst offering these Debbie and all of the staff at the home are exercising the Government’s guidance on social distancing. All staff are provided with full Personal Protective Equipment.

Debbie is also distributing craft packs to the residents.

Job’s Close looks forward to the time when it is able to return to normality and resume our traditional full programme of monthly entertainment for our residents.

Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Job’s Close.